Posted on March 17th, 2014

This season winter has been very kind to us. There were only two occasions when it snowed in Zurich and both times the snow did not stay for long. So it happened that I came to see the first real snow when visiting the beautiful village of Vals two weekends ago. We went there to visit the thermal bath designed by Peter Zumthor and to stay in the wonderful Brücke 49. So that’s two highlights of Vals. Another one is the village itself:




Posted on March 1st, 2014


Mild weather and long walks in February, the mountains towering across the glittering lake, cats hiding in narrow alleys and French cafés serving perfect coffee. Some days this place feels unübertrefflich.

Summer Heart.

Posted on January 15th, 2014


As the new year arrived, we started dreaming of summer again, the most delightful season of the year. We long for the blue of the sea and remember what the sun felt like on our skins during those long afternoons at the beach. Just us, books, baguette and tepid lemonade. Even more vividly I recall driving home, salt on my skin, the warm evening winds blowing through the window of his car, back to our summer home. Can we go back?



The Making of Most

Posted on November 15th, 2013

Apples and pears are probably the #1 fruit in Switzerland. When driving from Geneva to Zurich in mid-August the streets were lined by beautiful fruit trees already touting the bliss of fresh, delicious fruits in autumn.
Autumn is also the season when Swiss people make Most from some of those apples and pears. Most is a very rich, unfiltered type of juice and intriguingly tasty – it affords some self-discipline not to drink too much of it and well, you shouldn’t. Oh and don’t confuse it with the alcoholic kind of Most that is popular too. Different thing.
To cut a long story short, back in September a friend here in Zurich told me about a Most-making event in her local museum (because they have stuff like that in many neighbourhoods here in Switzerland – even in the city), where they would use a 100 year old press to make fresh juice that you would be able to taste right away, together with cheese and sausages. I liked the sound of it and went. It was so much fun. Very traditional yet not at all touristy or corny, but very down to earth, focussed on the most making and the cheese and sausage eating. Apart from enjoying the freshest and tastiest Most of my life, I took some pictures, fell a little bit in love with the neighborhood – farm houses in spitting distance to the city centre – and just had a very good time. Looking forward to next year already!
Thanks Sarah for letting me know about this!