Weekly 2017

Week 03 / 2017

Facepalm moments, women marching, Conor Oberst live, Japanese food and delicious coffee with a friend... find more about the third week of 2017, alongside some reading and viewing recommendations.…

January 22, 2017
In the Kitchen

How to Make Kale Stew

Long before Kale became a staple in every hipster's smoothie, it was a vegetable my grandmother would serve to her family quite frequently. Kale stew is a far cry from the raw, baked or lightly steamed cabbage concoctions you find in recipe books today.…

January 21, 2017
Weekly 2017

Week 02 / 2017

In the middle of this week, I travelled to Munich for work and onwards to visit my parents in Bavaria. There was a lot of snow, good food and much-needed relaxation, as I had fallen sick in Munich. On my parent’s sofa, I finished reading…

January 15, 2017
On the Shelf

Looking Up To The Sun Through Tears

The ever brilliant Charlotte Schreiber has just launched a Kickstarter Campaign to publish the photos documenting her 44 day journey through Japan in a beautiful book. I have been waiting for these news ever since she posted a sneak preview of the book on…

January 10, 2017
Weekly 2017

Week 01 / 2017

The first week of the New Year is coming to an end and I decided to keep posting those weekly update and share a few thoughts on the past weeks alongside five selected things or links I find worth recommending. So here we go:…

January 8, 2017
In the Kitchen

My Homemade Granola

Homemade granola has become a staple in my cupboard. It's super simple and you can experiment with the sweetness by adding more or less honey. A big plus is also that you are in control of all ingredients. Find my favourite recipe for homemade…

January 7, 2017
Dear Diary

Resolution #1 – Start Moving

I closed my review of 2016, with the appeal, to make 2017 better and I meant it. So, I came up with a set of New Year's resolutions for 2017. As these resolutions are easier to keep, the more people you tell about them,…

January 2, 2017
Dear Diary

A Year in Review – 2016

I made quite a few attempts on this review of 2016, but in the end, I decided that instead of giving you a wrap up of the past 12 months with all their ups and downs, I want to focus on the positive stuff.…

December 31, 2016
At Home

Merry Christmas

When you’re slightly tipsy after a day of cooking and eating heaps of food, and you forget that you turned your camera to manual focus, all you get is a very blurry picture of your Christmas tree. Also, time seems to be running and…

December 25, 2016
At Home

Christmas Dinner Inspiration

On the weekend I have been hitting the cookbooks and food blogs looking for inspiration for our Christmas Dinner. I can imagine that some of you might still be researching, too. So, I thought I'd share my favourite ideas with you.…

December 21, 2016