Posted on August 10th, 2015



Takayama is a city in the Hida Mountains and it was our first encounter with Japanese culture – apart from a very jet lagged tour through Shibuya the day before. It is known for a set of quaint streets that date back to the Edo-Period with stunning old Japanese houses you can visit. There is also fine beef to be eaten – preferably grilled or stewed right at your table, a charming market, great street food and thick woods that are to be avoided (bear-warning!, wild boar encounters and snakes chilling on the side of the road).


Posted on August 7th, 2015



Konichiwa! Back in June we took a long flight east. Destination: Japan. Weeks later I finally managed to review all the pictures I took – too many and yet, not enough. It was an amazing trip and I fell for Tokyo in particular. We travelled from Tokyo to Takayama to Kyoto to Koyasan to Osaka to Hiroshima to Miyajima to Ito to Tokyo. During the next weeks I will revisit those places by showing you some of the pictures I took along the way. Enjoy!

Before the rain.

Posted on May 20th, 2015


The weather these days is cold and rainy. Hard to believe that these pictures were taken a week ago – the sun was still out and we went on a walk towards the lake, passing through the university quarters, a hidden garden and the old town of Zurich. We passed meadows with flowers and those kinds of grass that tickle in your nose, lined up lemon trees, abandoned workshops and tiny and even tinier houses.


Morning walks.

Posted on April 8th, 2015

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In the mornings when the light is still crisp, I walk to work. There are many different routes I can pick, some take longer than others, but all of them allow for spontaneous detours. They lead me to the most picturesque parts of this city, where later in the day and on weekends the tourists will roam. But in the early hours I have them mostly to myself. Sometimes I spot some early birds, camera and travel guide in hand, or others like me on their way to work or university. In the morning I can pretend to be many things, an explorer, a photographer or maybe just a tourist in my own hometown, and when I sit at my desk, facing the tasks for the day, I can always already look back on those little experiences and silent encounters.