Posted on November 22nd, 2015

About a year ago I shared a post called “Intermission” containing some thoughts, about how I was looking for a new purpose for this blog – in the meantime I slowly started posting again, but without having found this new purpose in any observable way or so it seemed.
In the past weeks, I realised that something had changed, quite unintentionally so. Previously, I used to share pictures and thoughts quite instantaneously. But since last year I seem to have become more deliberate about the things that find their way onto the blog. Frequently I looked at the pictures I had taken on trips or here in Zurich, but never really felt like publishing them. Often enough did I not yet know what images to select and kept searching for the story I wanted to tell. But as it happens, some of those stories just needed some time. Additionally I started to enjoy creating those retrospective postings – looking back on moments and experiences and reliving them again through images.
Now that I realised this, I am looking forward to all those new and old pictures and stories waiting to be shared. I hope you are, too.

Take me back to Tokyo

Posted on November 21st, 2015



(June 2015)

Tokyo was too short, but oh so sweet… That’s the last of the Japan posts up here for now, I hope you enjoyed looking back on this trip as much as I did. I want to go back.


Posted on November 6th, 2015



If you go to a town called Kōya in the mountains of the Wakayama Prefecture, you should book a stay at one the 120 temples that are located in and around town. Forget all your English and go for a walk across the largest cemetery you have ever seen, eat delicious food prepared by the monks, marvel at the most amazing room you have ever slept in and make sure to wash yourself thoroughly before bathing in the hot spring. Get a little bored after that and go to bed early. At the morning ceremony, try kneeling for 30 minutes straight, give up, sink into a cross-legged position and wonder what this is all about. Promise yourself to read up on Japanese buddhism. Have miso and rice for breakfast, check the bus timetables before you check-out. After a short bus-ride, take the funicular, the train and another train to Osaka, get off at Namba station around midday, emerge from the underground – brace yourself for this:




(June 2015)