Complex Times

The world is a complex place. A place that is sometimes so scary, sometimes so beautiful, never fair. It’s so easy to sit here in my warm and cosy home, surrounded by pictures of loved ones who are healthy and happy. It’s a position of privilege and comfort.

But I feel uncomfortable. Does complexity make me feel uncomfortable? No. The reason why I feel uncomfortable is our tendency to ignore the world’s complexity. As soon as I open news apps, scroll through Twitter or Facebook, turn on the radio or the TV, there are so many answers, opinions, so many people who seem to know it all – seconds, minutes after something happened. I just wish news outlets and politicians people would take more time to reflect, deliberate, think and try to grasp the complexity of our world and the events that happen these days. And yes, I wish some people would just shut up and keep their thoughts to themselves forever. However some humility towards the complexity of this world would already help… please sit and think for a while before you say something. I know many of you wish it was all easy, it isn’t. So please just stop. Don’t say or scream the first thing that pops into your head, don’t print it on paper, don’t put it on a poster, don’t type it into your browser, just don’t. Please do some thinking first.

Ignoring complexity is dangerous. It’s like pushing the next button you see on a very complex machine. Let’s not do this. Oh and while we’re at it, let’s stop and think about our own privileged lives and be thankful once in a while, ok? Thank you.

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