Blogs become more and more irrelevant – at least that’s what I feel those days when I open my feed reader or head over to Bloglovin to see what others have published. It seems only natural: all those services like Instagram or Snapchat make content creation and distribution so much easier. I felt the same for a while and neglected the blog, which was a pity. I am so glad I started posting again, especially now that the web community is protesting against the changes Instagram just announced…

In case you did not hear, Instagram is planning to change its newsfeed from chronological to algorithmical and its users are outraged. They fear that as with Facebook their visibility will suffer or that they might miss the posts they really want to see.

While I am not a fan of this development either (as I wasn’t when they introduced ads to the network), I don’t really see the point in revolting, especially not by using hashtags like #keepinstagramchronological or signing online petitions. In the end it’s up to them and enough people will accept their “new” news feed. Those who don’t will leave or keep complaining. Once again we are reminded that social networks do not belong to its users – as lovely as this thought would be.

 Once again we have to realise that we are not the customer, we are the product Instagram or any other social network sells.

So instead of protesting I want to suggest starting or reactivating a blog. Yes you might have to pay some money per year to maintain a blog. Also creating content for a blog might mean a little more effort than posting pictures to Instagram. At the same time the reach of your blog will be way smaller. However to a great extend it will be yours. Additionally it will allow you a much wider range of content than Instagram or any social network does. In the end I do hope that more people go back to blogging as they get fed up with the changes social networks constantly undergo.

What’s your blog’s URL and are you still posting? Let me know!

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  1. I feel the same way – Instagram is a hobby and while blogging also is, I feel that I really need it and it is not only fun, but something I truly care about.

    Cheers, Ani.

  2. I totally agree! After years of contributing to a rather large travel blog, I’ve recently launched my own and while I’m still all in for multiple channels and diversifying my repertoire, I feel way too many bloggers don’t invest enough time in useful and well-crafted blog content… I love writing – that’s the main reason for becoming a blogger, and it’s time to refocus on that :)

  3. You completely speak my mind. I so much appreciate nice blogs with nice content that give you the feeling that someone put some effort into creating something, which is actually supposed to last for a bit. Although Instagram etc. are neat when it comes to creating quick and easy content it just doesn’t give the sense of effort, of thought as you can find on blogs.
    And yes, I’m feeling like you, I missed this whole blogging thing. A while ago I closed my old blog and realised more and more that I do want to give it another try; so far with little clue and little content but hey, who knows.
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re hooked on your sweet blog again as I really really enjoy reading it.

  4. For me it´s the same. I like being on instagram. It´s like a behind the scenesplattform for the blogs.
    But i love writing a blogpost or read other blogs.
    Blogs are never die. not for me.
    Now I read the other blog posts . just found your blog. :-)

  5. Great words! I struggle with instagtram. I’m trying again with snapchat. I want to do more with pinterest. It’s overwhelming when all I really want to do is blog. I never feel like blogging is enough, or I feel like I need to do these things well just to get people to find my blog in the first place. It’s exhausting!

    1. Oh I also just understood Snapchat and got sucked in for the last weekend or so. It’s fun, but after only a few days I feel like it’s taking too much of my precious time that I could use for blogging, for example. In the end you should not pressure yourself into using too much of those social media channels, do what feels right!

  6. I totally agree with you. Instagram and co are nice, but the content is so superficial. Nobody really cares who post what kind of stuff. The most users are bored and scroll down their feed without real interest.
    For sure, the amount of people who read blogs are significant smaller, but this people truly care about what they read. I like that!

    Best regards,

    1. Yes we often do not even take enough time to really appreciate the content on Instagram, stuck in a scrolling frenzy. I am glad to hear that you enjoy blogs, too.

  7. I recently came back from the dead. I used to post at The Art of Staying Up All Night/Mysterymoor. I had to start from scratch, though. All the old content felt like a huge load on my shoulders. Surprisingly I am enjoying blogging a lot more now. I find that those who stick with it are the ones who have something relevant to share, something that won’t fit in 140 characters or a single Instagram post. I also feel like there’s less pressure in blogging now, people prefer posting quality content over a daily update, and that’s cool. I’m happy you’re back too; your blog was always one of my favourites.

    1. Oh thank you! I also needed to renovate this space before resuming blogging. Sometimes it’s the best thing to start anew.

  8. I am super happy to have found this blog post through a friend! I just spent around 3 months under kind of a writer’s block because I was stuck with the relaunch of my blog – super frustrating: I had great content on my mind but did not get myself to write it all down because I felt like I needed to “wait” until the relaunch was done. Now it’s all over and I am finally back to writing, to creating content, and am slowly but surely getting back to the real thing. I still feel like I need to put a lot of work into getting back to the “useful and well-crafted” type of blogging, but I am getting there! Cheers to having you back!

  9. Danke für die Initiative Katinka.
    Ich bin auch schon viel zu lange hin- und hergerissen: bleibenlassen oder weitermachen?! Letzten Endes gebe ich es auch nicht auf und erfreue mich der besseren Möglichkeiten. Musik, Links, Ganze Geschichten.
    Ich klick mich auch mal durch die Empfehlungen. Danke!

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