The First Week of March 2016

The first week of March was mostly grey and cold. There was even some snow. Work kept me busy during the week and on the weekend we had visitors over from Munich for food, talks and a visit to the thermal bath. Here are 5 things from this week:

1. Something I found on the web

Great Illustrations by Josephin Ritschel, full of Modernist landscapes and buildings via It’s Nice That.

2. Something I ate

Amazing and very simple to make lemon pasta. D. made it from a recipe by the wonderful Elisabeth Raether whose recipe column in Zeit Magazin is a constant inspiration in our kitchen. As the recipe is in German, here is a transcription of the recipe for you,  hope the lovely people of Zeit Magazin won’t mind.

3. Something I watched

A conversation between Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson about “My Life on the Road”, Feminism and the state of women in the world we live in. Well worth watching.

4. Something I read

An article about Curiosity in Nautilus Magazine that describes why we seek novelty and how our curiosity is based on the things we already know:

To learn, you have to have something to grab onto: The next handhold can’t be too far from the last—you might never reach it. So as your brain pushes you to gather information as quickly as possible, it instinctively steers you away from gaps that are too small, or too large.


5. Something I enjoyed

Swimming on the roof top at the Hürlimann Therme here in Zurich, the city at our feet and snow falling from the sky on Saturday and a walk along the lake with some sun on Sunday:


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