Week 25 / 2016

Time flies, weeks are busy and I am more and more losing my faith in humanity. Whilst summer arrived, Britain voted to leave the EU and my mood fluctuated from joy (about summer) to desperation (about Europe) towards the end of the week. But as I keep trying to stay positive, here are five things from week 25 of 2016:

Tailor’s Coffee

20160625-Photo 24-06-16 17 07 52

There is a new café in town! With Tailor’s Coffee, the people behind Pelikamo opened a coffee bar nearby their store in the city centre. Right from the start, I was sold by their branding that puts the illustrations of  Mr Slowboy in the centre. He created charming illustrations of the whole Pelikamo team that you can find on the cups, bottles and inside the store.

Tailor's Coffee

(Picture by Mr Slowboy via Tailor’s Coffee)

On Friday evening I met S. at Tailor’s Coffee to try their iced coffee – a welcome refreshment on the hottest day of the year. Shaken not stirred, it tasted fantastic. Their ice tea is great as well. Tailor’s Coffee is located right in the city centre of Zurich  and I hope I can integrate it into my way to work or my lunch breaks in the future.

Tailor’s Coffee
Nüschelerstrasse 31
8001 Zurich
Mon – Fri: 7:30 am till 5 pm
Sat: 10 am to 5 pm


On Friday morning, when the results on Brexit were in, I remembered quite vividly how in 10th grade, I wrote an enthusiastic essay about Europe, its necessity and future. Even though I am currently living in a country that does not belong to the EU, I still strongly believe in the union. More than anything I feel European. It’s just wrong to give up on it that quickly instead of facing the challenges, living together and supporting each other might entail.

Following the media throughout the day, I was devastated how it’s largely up to an old demographic to decide the future and how the majority of people is more and more lured in by populistic messages. I did not think the “out” vote would be possible, but the outcome taught us that we have to expect the impossible, which is scary as hell when you take a look at the political mood in the States, Germany or France.

Tokyo Vacations

Adam Svanell is a Swedish Journalist and Filmmaker. For his recent short film, Tokyo Vacations, he interviews five different people from Japan about their best vacation memories. The film gives a great glimpse into Japanese work ethics, vacation habits and office life:

Tokyo Vacations from House of Radon on Vimeo.

Feierabend at the Badi

Thursday was hot and I had packed a towel and bikini before leaving home in the morning. After work, I went to one of the public baths here in Zurich. The water was supposed to be around 20 degrees °C but felt much colder. So instead of in the water, I ended up hanging out on the grass with the latest issue of Monocle Magazine. Tokyo may have won first place in their quality of life survey this year, but I have to admit, Zurich is not that bad either.

20160625-Photo 23-06-16 18 07 18

Emma Straub on Elliot Smith

For the Paris Review, author Emma Straub revisits her relationship with the music of Elliot Smith back in college. Even if his music is more suited for fall, for the rest of Sunday my stereo played nothing else, but Either/Or. Also, I wondered why I have not read any book by Emma Straub yet. I am thinking about getting Modern Lovers, but there are still so many unread books on my shelf. Have you read it? Can you recommend it?

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