Week 43 / 2016

Apart from the cat’s first birthday – happy B-Day Fitzi! – the highlight of this week was the gig by The Kills here in Zurich. I loved them since they released their first record Keep on the Mean Side in 2003. That was 13 years ago, I was still living with my parents and sang along to their tunes in my bedroom or in the car on my way to school. Despite my devotion to them, I never managed to see them perform life. So the gig was a special treat for me and it did live up to my expectations.



Apart from that, there were some really beautiful autumn days towards the end of the week. Fog in the mornings, sun in the afternoons and the leaves have finally turned into the most colourful shades. I really hope we can enjoy some more weeks of this splendid weather before winter arrives.

5 Things from last week

Ruminations by Conor Oberst – Another musician I have neglected in recent years, was Conor Oberst. So, it was quite a surprise to see him perform as supporting act for Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins at their concert in Milwaukee. There he was sitting at the piano, a little bit older, a little bit less sober, but still brilliant. This week I found his new album on iTunes and listened to it on heavy rotation.

Conservatory Archives on Instagram – Somehow I found this Instagram account on Friday evening and fell in love with their inspiring plant arrangements, just look at this room!

Greenland is Melting – On Saturday morning I took some time to browse through this week’s issue of The New Yorker and found a really interesting article about Greenland and the shrinking of the country’s ice sheet. What struck me most was the Greenlander’s enthusiasm about the effects of global warming, as the ice-free winters provide them with new economic possibilities. As well as this quote: “In effect, we are living in the climate of the past, but already we’ve determined the climate’s future.”

Maybe I Should Stop Bringing Up My Cat So Much When People Tell Me Stories About Their Kids – this article on the ever brilliant and entertaining McSweeney’s Internet Tendency is just hilarious – also it has the longest title in the world, so I’ll keep this description short.

Roast Chicken with Chestnuts and Cabbage – Mimi Thorisson seems to be living the dream: together with her husband and her children, she owns a large house with a large garden in the Médoc. At the centre of the home, there is a beautiful kitchen where she comes up with the tastiest recipes. One of them is some roast chicken with chestnuts and cabbage that she recently shared on her blog, along with three other delicious looking dishes.

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