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How to Make Kale Stew

Long before Kale became a staple in every hipster’s smoothie, it was a vegetable my grandmother would serve to her family quite frequently. Kale stew is a far cry from the raw, baked or lightly steamed cabbage concoctions you find in recipe books today. But, it’s one of the best comfort foods winter has to offer – you should not necessarily serve it on date night, if you know what I mean. Anyhow, find the recipe for my improvised kale stew below.

Kale Stew

What you need (for approx. 4 servings)

1 Savoy Cabbage
500g Kale
6-8 Potatoes
2 Landjäger (coarse sausages)
1 Large Piece of Bacon
Salt & Pepper to Taste
Ground Caraway

How it’s done

Clean and chop the cabbage and the kale into smallish strips. Chop the potatoes into bite sized pieces.

In a large pot, heat some butter and add the cabbage and the kale. Braise it while stirring. Add the potatoes and cover the veggies with water. Add the bacon and let your stew cook over low to medium heat until the potatoes and the bacon are cooked through. Don’t forget to stir it from time to time.

Add the sausages, as well as salt, pepper and a few dashes of ground caraway. After a few more minutes your kale stew is ready to serve. If you like, you can cut the bacon into small pieces and serve it on top of the vegetables.

It does not look particularly sexy, but it’s very yummy, so enjoy!

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