Hello Sunday #1 – Weekly Review

The first week of the New Year is coming to an end and I decided to keep posting those weekly updates to share a few thoughts on the past weeks, alongside five selected things or links I find worth recommending. So here we go, week 1 of 2017.

Hello Sunday | KTINKA

I still had most of the week off from work and only went back to my desk on Thursday, so this week felt very short to me. Unfortunately, Fitzi was a bit sick, but we have gotten past that by now. There was the first snow of this season and it was super cold outside, but beautiful – the cat is not a big fan of winter, though and to be honest, I can’t wait for spring either.

Vacationing At Home

This week was filled with leisure time and I have to admit that this was truly the best way to ease into the new year. I also finally got around to making a new batch of Granola and tending to our plants. We cooked a lot and I experimented with the flash the boyfriend gave me for Christmas. I read a lot, finished Swing Time by Zadie Smith and started reading Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl by Carrie Brownstein, which I really enjoy so far!

I have to admit that I truly love spending days off at home. I might dedicate a longer post to this topic as it is something all of us should try from time to time!

5 Things From Last Week

The year of conquering negative thinking

A bread recipe by Escape Town that I’ll have to try

These photos by Marina from her trip to Scotland

Revisiting Sydney through the photos I took during my trip three years ago

Pictures from Chandigarh, a city built by Le Corbusier

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