Hello Sunday #3 – Weekly Review

Last week there were many facepalm moments and on Friday evening, around six pm CET, I was close to tears. By Saturday however, I was super proud of all those women marching for our freedom. I had thought about going to the march in Geneva – the one in Zurich had not been approved – and I am ashamed to tell you that I dismissed the idea because I was not up to spending nearly 6 hours on a train to get there and back to Zurich. It’s no excuse, really.

In other news, the week was rather uneventful. After coming back from the weekend at my parents place it was all about work, work, work. The week also marked our one year anniversary with our cat, Fitzgerald. On Friday, I went to see Conor Oberst perform here in Zurich. It was a decent concert, but I have to say that seeing him play with Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins in Milwaukee last year, was a lot more fun. His latest record Ruminations is brilliant, though. Below you can find one of my favourite songs off the record.

Saturday, I met my friend S. whom I had not seen in ages.  She showed me a great new Japanese takeaway called Put Put, as well ACID – a café / bar that could easily become my new favourite in Zurich. Afterwards, I spent a good hour at a bookstore and left with two new additions to my reading list for 2017 – more on that one, soon!

5 Things From Last Week

Last, but not least, here are some links from the past week, that I’d like to recommend to you.

This illustration by Grace Coddington for the #womensmarchonwashington – there were so many great and creative artworks surrounding this protest throughout my Instagram stream, I am thinking of dedicating a whole blog post to this. Keep it going, people!

Pictures from Women’s Marches on Every Continent – this is just stunning, isn’t it?

A video of Maru the Cat playing the drums – this is just too funny and cute, I have watched it quite a few times in the past week and it makes me smile every time I do.

RePrint! – I had almost forgotten about this, but a newsletter in my inbox reminded me of RePrint and it’s still a great idea. I wish I had remembered these printable calendars when I bought my agenda for this year. It would have saved me some money and the world some resources.

This post by Charity of  The Conscious Shop Collective about venturing and finding solace in nature – because there is a lot of truth in what she writes.

What are links and things you liked in the past week? Go ahead and share them in the comment section.

P.S. In my last weekly wrap-up I promised to share pictures from my walk in the snow storm, but they all turned out so disappointing that I will skip this… I am a bit fed up with winter anyways and rather remember time spent in the South of France a few years ago.


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