Hello Sunday #4 – Weekly Review

What can I say about the past week … the world keeps falling apart and I spent evenings scrolling through my Twitter feed and reading the news, having a hard time to grasp it all. In the meantime life went on, we finally got our new sideboard delivered and we started watching The Crown on Netflix.

By Friday the sun came out after 10 days of grey, so the boyfriend and I escaped our respective offices and went for an evening walk in the snow. It was beautiful, calming and much needed. In the evening I met some friends for delicious Mexican food and good conversations.

On Saturday another escape followed, as we took our new car for a ride to Sankt Moritz, driving through the most beautiful Alpine sceneries and going for a walk on a frozen lake. Now it’s Sunday and I am still moved by all the global events happening, feeling quite powerless amidst it all.

5 Things from Last Week

Last, but not least, here are some links from the past week, that I’d like to recommend to you. Thanks to Smaracuja, Emma Gannon and all the others who shared some of these links in the first place.

This StyleLikeU interview with Jemima Kirke
How Instagram is changing travel
Our cynicism will not build a movement. Collaboration will.
Less hygge, more discomfort
It’s time to reread Virginia Wolf’s 1931 ‘Professions for Women’ speech

What are links and things that moved you in the past week? Go ahead and share them in the comment section.

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