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Hello Sunday #6

This week has been less eventful than the last one and I quite enjoyed this. I did lots of yoga – by my standards. We went on a trip with the “Fondue Tram” and a friend celebrated her birthday. And, I baked some delicious cinnamon buns! On Saturday I went for a long walk in the sunshine. It almost felt like spring and I really enjoyed the sun on my skin! Find some pictures from this walk and 5 things from last week down below.

5 Things From Last Week

Charlotte’s photo book about Japan has been successfully funded. Yay!

This recipe for a Rosemary, Honey, and Grapefruit Spritzer by Tending the Table sounds delicious. If only I could find grapefruits that grew on this continent at the stores.

The short & sweet yoga videos Adriene is posting on her channel throughout February make me happy & fit.

This funny text about Hygge from The New Yorker made me laugh.

So did these planning tips for this year’s gardening season from McSweeny’s.


  1. Beautiful photos! Also cinnamon buns are amazing and I’m obsessed with anything with cinnamon in it. I’ve never successfully baked anything bread-like before so I doubt my cinnamon buns would be much of a success so I’ll stick to buying them for now.

    1. Thank you so much, Jessica! Baking is also a good remedy against the cold – I will be posting the recipe for these buns, soon. Maybe you will give them a try one day ;)

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