Hello Sunday #8 – Weekly Review

Maybe I should find a new name for these weekly posts – publishing them on a late Sunday afternoon hardly deserves the title “Hello Sunday”. Last S I skipped this post altogether since we had visitors and were busy enjoying time with them. We drove to the mountains, where we went on a little winter hike. We explored Zurich and obviously, I had to take them to the Succulent Collection. The sun was out throughout the weekend and it was beautiful. I took plenty of pictures in the mountains that I might share with you soon, even though I am really happy that winter seems to be over now.

The last week has been busy and uneventful. I did my first giveaway here on the blog and was quite happy about all participants who posted some very nice comments in order to win. If you like gardening or are interested in botany in general, you can still take part over here in order to win a book about the philosophy of gardening.

The book inspired me to start planning our balcony gardening endeavour for this year. We already cut down our potted plants and made a list of things we want to grow in our elevated bed. I hope to make this project a little bit less experimental this year and draw from the learning of the past two years.

Apart from that, we enjoyed a lazy weekend. I made quite a progress with Lauren Elkins wonderful book “Flanêuse”. I will have tell you more about it here on the blog soon! Furthermore, I ordered and received a beautiful and inspiring book by Toc Toc Editions about creatives in London and their living and working spaces. I immediately wanted to travel to London after flipping through it.

Talking about travel, we will start planning our 2017 vacations later today. This year we decided to stay on the European continent and explore some regions we can reach by car. I really look forward to discovering new places and sharing some of our adventures with you here on the blog. But for now, I will leave you with my weekly recommendations from the past week(s).

5 Things from Last Week

The trailer for a new season of “Love” that I am looking forward to.

The new Jens Lekman album.

This blog called “Girls at Library“, that I discovered through Freunde von Freunden.

This quote by Lena Dunham, who suggests to add an eighth day to the week, that we could  spend exclusively on reading.

This Oscar write-up by Michael Schulman for the New Yorker.

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