Bloody Mary

Long time no cocktail hour. But recently we were in the mood for Bloody Marys – usually a drink that reminds me of transatlantic flights and bars in New York City.

Bloody Mary Recipe | KTINKA

Whenever someone wonders why people drink Tomato Juice on aeroplanes, I firmly believe that it’s a relic from the golden age of flying. Somehow in my imagination back in the 1950s, you’d be served a Bloody Mary as soon as you took your seat – not matter the time of the day. While this vision might be quite inaccurate, studies do in fact studies suggest that Bloody Marys taste great in on a plane.

Another thing Bloody Marys have always been associated with, are hangovers. They are said to be the best cure for miserable mornings after. Obviously, this means that the drink must be a child of the 1920s when consuming hard alcohol in the morning was still widely accepted. I’d have a hard time to stomach a Bloody Mary in the wee morning hours, especially after a night out. But, I do quite like to serve it for a late weekend brunch – sans hangover – or as a refreshing drink in the afternoon.


[kindred-recipe id=”20451″ title=”How to Mix a Bloody Mary”]

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