4 Days till Tokyo

As I will have four weeks of vacation in June, I decided to go back to Japan for two of those weeks. I will be leaving in 4 days and stay there until the 19th of June. I have not been travelling alone for years and I am quite curious how that will go! I am really looking forward to this trip and to spending two weeks exploring Tokyo.

Going back to Tokyo | KTINKA

I have not much planned, yet. I will be staying at a friends place in Nackameguro for a few days and then I will move to a beautiful small hotel in Ueno. I like the prospect of staying in two different areas, as it should give me an even better impression of the city. I might do some day trips from Tokyo, but mostly I just want to roam its streets and back alleys, visit all its parks and other beautiful places it has to offer. And, I want to eat all the food!

I also want to collect more material for the Japan travel guide I have been working on and do some other writing while I am there. I might even start a travel diary here on the blog – just as I did while I was spending time in Sydney back in 2012. Obviously, I will also be sharing pictures and experiences through Instagram, so you might want to follow me there as well.

Oh, I cannot wait to be back in Tokyo.

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