Sign of Life

Just a quick note to tell you that I am still alive and kicking and that I have not forgotten about the blog. Here’s the thing: shortly after coming back from Japan, I started a new job and that’s been keeping me rather busy in the past weeks: new people, new tasks, two digital products I am responsible for from now on … it’s a lot, but I am really enjoying it.

So, give me a few more days / weeks to settle into the job properly and I am sure I will be able to find more time for blogging again. In the meantime, I will keep adding content ideas to my never-ending backlog. So, there will be some stuff for you to look forward to. Like many more Japan related posts, pictures from a very recent trip to Tuscany, stories about traveling alone and other things. I also plan on writing more about trying to adapt to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Until then, you are welcome to follow me on Instagram for bits & bobs from my everyday.

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