Looking back on July

I almost did not realize that July is already over. It was such an eventful month with a new job and lots of travelling, it went by super fast. Today is a public holiday in Switzerland, so I took a moment to go through the pictures I have taken last month. Looking back on these, July might be my favourite month of the year:

We celebrated a friends anniversary in Grindelwald. It was cold and rainy, but lots of fun.

In Zurich, it was a lot warmer, so we went swimming in Lake Zurich and Lake Lauerz.

Water melons and other delicious fresh fruit were in season. Yum!

One Friday, I took a train to Milan where we finally made it to Bar Basso for Negroni and to Dry for Pizza.

From Milan, we went to Tuscany for a week of pool time and family celebrations.

I finished Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney.

At Heimspiel Knyphausen, we drank lots of wine and listened to great music – just like last year.

My friend Carmi looked after the cat while we were gone. After we came back, she and I went to the museum.

I bought a bunch of magazines …

… and heaps of beauty products from a sample sale – the proceedings of which went to a good cause. Now I probably own so much makeup that will last me for the rest of this decade.

Some Posts from July

I did not post much in July, but I have quite a few posts planned for August. Yay!

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