Decorate Your Home With The Poster Club

Disclaimer: This post contains some affiliate links to The Poster Club. They were also as nice as to send me a print from their The Poster Club Collection after I contacted them with the idea of creating a post about them – as always, all opinions do remain my own.

Our major project this fall is our home super small office/dressing room. After a big closet clear out and some remodelling of the insides of our wardrobes, we were finally able to get rid of two chests of drawers. Now the room is less crowded by furniture. So, it might eventually turn from a storage room, into a place I’d want to spend time in.

All pictures in this post via The Poster Club

To round things up, I was looking for a print or painting to put on the wall next to our desk. After researching different options, I came across an online print store called The Poster Club, who offer a wide selection of beautiful and unique designs at quite affordable prices. From abstract art to photographs and illustrations, the range of prints is quite extensive, yet everything they offer feels hand-picked.

Obviously, with many amazing prints available, I had a hard time to pick favourites. In the end, I chose this abstract print by Berit Mogensen Lopez as a perfect addition to our “new” room:

I love those simple graphic shapes, as well as how they seem to have a texture. The designer has her roots in textile design and I think you can really see this in the picture. I can’t wait to see it IRL! Here are some other prints that made it to my shortlist:

The Hepworth Collection / 01 by Mintstudio

A2 (42×59,4 cm), 88€ | link to shop

Dusk by Anne Nowak

79×108 cm, 250€ | link to  shop

Welcome to the City of Champions by Playtype

70×100 cm, 54€ | link to shop

Pink Stairs by Annaleena Leino Karlsson

50×70 cm, 110€ | link to shop

Plants on Pink by The Paper Collective / Julie Pike

70x50cm, 79€ | link to shop

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