Buchheisters Vorschriften Buch für Drogisten

Instead of talking about new purchases or things that I want, I thought it would be fun to show you something from my home that I have had for quite a while now – one of my treasures. Something that I appreciate and that has a personal story for me. This can be a piece of clothing, a book, jewellery or a kitchen utensil. Anything. Because instead of buying more, it is nice to take a step back and appreciate the things that we already own.

Buchheisters Vorschriften Buch für Drogisten

I found this book at a flea market in Zurich shortly after I moved here. I am in love with old books – much to the dismay of the boyfriend, who finds them a bit unhygienic. It was a warm autumn afternoon, and I was walking around the flea market on my own when I came across this beauty.

Not only is this a handbook for apothecaries dating back to the 1910s, filled with recipes for different medical potions, it also bears instructions on how to make all kinds of bitters, spices or lemonades,  as well as beauty elixirs, soaps and all sorts of makeup.

The most curious thing about this book, however, are all those little notes, calendar sheets and other stuff one of its previous owners used as bookmarks. One of them dates back to 1930. On some of the pages, you can find tiny notes that someone scribbled into the corners, commenting on recipes and offering alternative instructions.

I love to skip through the book and look at all those recipes, but most of the time I end up wondering about the person who owned this way back when. I have never tried out one of the concoctions; I would not know where to being. But I often wonder if I should. DIY cosmetics and home-made liqueurs are all the rage, aren’t they? In any case, this old book is indeed a treasure, and I hope that I will be able to keep it forever.

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  • Oh was für ein großartiger Schatz! Ich liebe alte Bücher auch! :) ich habe ein Buch über die Geschichte der Schrift aus dem Jahre 1880 von meiner Oma geerbt. Irgendwann ist Buchrücken aufgeplatzt und offenbarte bedruckte Blätter die wohl als Füllmaterial benutzt wurden.