Something for the Weekend #8

It’s a beautiful Friday, the skies are blue, and the sun is out. I am spending the day at the home office and used my lunch break to prepare this week’s link-list for you. Tomorrow I will be going to Berlin to celebrate my besties birthday, and I am looking forward to a weekend in the big city. While I am away, I suggest you dig deeper into some of the links below. But, don’t forget to go outside and enjoy some sunshine, too!

Here is Why I Rarely Post Flatlays.

My Weekend Linklist for You

Let’s all bake this Cardamon Cognac Apple Cake by Half Baked Harvest before autumn ends!

I stumbled across a place called Numeroventi in Cereal Magazine. It looks so beautiful, when I go back to Florence, I want to stay there.

Let’s talk about guilty pleasures. When it comes to TV shows or movies, I guess we all have them, and when I saw the first episode of the new season of Riverdale up on Netflix, I got very excited. I have not watched it yet, but in the meantime, I can recommend this fun article up on Manrepeller, in which Claire Carosillo formulates some quite clever suggestions for this new season of Riverdale.

Read this text by Sara Karlsson of Minutes about the pleasures of staying in bed.

Aesop Switzerland was so kind as to send me a falcon of their new Eau de Parfume HWYL*. It is Japanese Woods that inspired the scent, and to me, it does smell like the woods of Koyasan or Nara. While I find the smell a bit too smoky and earthy to wear it myself, I spritzed it all over the boyfriend, and I do like it on him a lot. And who knows, maybe I will wear it myself on occasion. Yay, for unisex scents!

Oh, and I decided to separate my Twitter identities, so I created an account for this blog. Follow along for blog updates and other things over at @hejktinka.

*Disclaimer: this was a gift by Aesop Switzerland. All opinions, however, remain my own.





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