Something for the Weekend #11

I am reporting back from a very turbulent week. All I want to do is rest, but in fact, I do have something planned for every evening until Wednesday. While this might sound exciting or normal for most of you, to me it feels quite stressful. I need calm nights in with books, tea, the cat and the boyfriend. So, to survive the next days, I might have to find little pockets of calm for myself. Let’s see how this will go. Anyhow, I wish all of you a beautiful weekend. Find some links and things for the weekend down below.

A Friday Link List

Here are some links and things you might want to check out while you hang out on the web:

Sometimes there is so much stuff on my todo list; I do not know where to start. This article by Michael Townsend Williams on the art of doing helped.

This week I discovered Natalie Harney, her fabulous blog “Work Over Easy” and her cool illustrations. In her shop, she sells an illustrated zine called “An Ode to Tea” that looks lovely.

#allcitiesarebeautiful collects photographs of urban spaces.

I have a girl crush on Jeanne Damas and I really do want her book À Paris on top of my coffee table. Maybe someone can tell this to Santa or whoever brings those presents on Christmas.



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