Something for the Weekend #12

Another week that swooshed by like nothing. I am quite beat and look forward to a Friday night in. The past two weeks have been quite rough for me, and winter/autumn keeps taking its toll. But, enough of my yammering, below you can find some links worth clicking over the course of the weekend.

A Friday Link List

9 Animals and Unseen Gods as Drawn by Dave Eggers on Lithub – who knew he was not only a brilliant author but also a great illustrator! The book from which these drawings were taken immediately made it to my wish-list, I hope someone will tell Santa!

I have been a fan of Style Like U’s Youtube Channel for quite a while now. Somewhere in my timeline, I came across this video of Caitlin Stasey, and I think the things she says are just brilliant.

Sometime around Wednesday, a new book arrived at my doorstep. It is by Robin Sloan, and the title is “Sourdough” – when I started reading it on Wednesday, I was immediately hooked. If you are in slightly weird and entertaining stories that are at the same time a pronounced commentary on the times we live in, this is a perfect weekend read for you!

Another good read is this text on why cancelling plans is so satisfying via The Cut.

If you are in Zurich, you should go to the Blickfang design fair that is happening in Oerlikon this weekend. I will be there tomorrow and look forward to gathering some new inspiration. I will be sharing a post with some impressions from my trip afterwards!




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