My 2017 Gift Guide

I had planned to post a gift guide every Sunday for the next three weeks. But, in the past two weeks, I had to realise, I am late to the parade. All blogs and magazines were filled with handy tips for all kinds of gifts, either sorted by budget or by types of people for whom you might have to find a gift. I did the same last year, and it’s one of my most visited posts to date.

This is not a gift guide

But all those gift guides I came across in the past weeks, did two things to me. At first, I wondered if everyone has started buying gifts this early this year? Then it made me feel overwhelmed with and also a bit angry at all of the random stuff included in those guides. Don’t get me wrong; I do love giving and receiving presents – a lot. But, I could not shake that icky feeling I got when looking through yet another guide. All this was most certainly amplified as most of these gift guides coincided with Black Friday, Cyber Week and what not. As soon as the Christmas decorations went up, everything felt like a big consumerist love fest.

So, in the end, I decided not to publish a gift guide this year. I don’t know what the people you love would want for Christmas. I have no idea what the perfect gift for your Mom or your boyfriend would be because I do not know them. But I do have one suggestion for you.

You still have 21 days to find the perfect gift

Instead of getting inspired by endless gift guides take a moment and think about every person you want to give a gift for Christmas. Recall conversations you had or experiences you shared. Christmas is not about budgets or stereotypes, it’s not even about the presents, but about the people we love. Don’t listen to all those gift guides, but rather spend more time listening to the people you love.

You still have 21 days left to find the perfect gift. So, if you don’t have an idea yet, call your Mom, go for a drink with your best friend or write down things you associate with the person you want to make a present to. That’s where you will find all the inspiration you need.

Add a personal note or letter

And, maybe after you found the perfect gift and you are about to wrap it, add a little note where you tell them why you picked this gift. Then at the latest, you will realise that “You told me about your love for this author when we met for coffee a few weeks ago and that you hadn’t read her last book yet. I hope you will enjoy it as much as her other works.” will sound much better than “This book was recommended in a gift guide on this blog I read. They said it would be perfect for ‘bookworms’.”

So, yeah that’s just my two cents about gift guides this year. Happy holidays!

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