Who’s Ktinka?



KTINKA is meant to be my personal playground where I share pictures and thoughts from my everyday life. This isn’t a space where I will talk about work, but about the things I enjoy in my leisure time. As they are quite diverse, this blog is quite diverse. It is about travel, but also about food & drink, books & magazines, thoughts on politics, the environment or society, my hometown Zurich and my home and just anything that pops into my mind and needs an outlet. My dear friend Lisa managed wrap to it up in one brilliant sentence: “This is how life is. Cookies next to politics.”


I am Katrin, but my friends call me Katinka. I am in my early 30s and after some years in Leipzig and Berlin, I now live in Zurich. During the day I work at a digital agency as a senior experience consultant. At night and on the weekends, I blog.

After spending a large part of my twenties going to parties, bars and concerts, I now enjoy spending more and more time at home – reading, cooking, hosting dinners or just hanging out with my cat and my boyfriend – but I also enjoy travelling to places near and far. I have a background in British cultural studies, history of art and literature and I have loved taking pictures since my parents gave me my first camera when I was 12 years old. I discovered the internet at 17, building my first website back then, and I have been blogging in one way of the other since the days of Livejournal.


To me, blogging was and will always be about sharing things that I am passionate about. Since I started blogging in 2004, there were times, when Instagram and other social media channels dampened my motivation for blogging. But eventually, I came to realise that this is way more fun than just creating quick Instagram updates, so I decided that it was time to #gobacktoblogging.  This is supposed to be fun, for me and for my readers. So please enjoy and give me feedback about things you like and things you do not like :)


While I don’t want to be another blog pushing you to buy stuff, some of my contents may contain affiliate links to products that I really like, mainly books,or occasional sponsored posts – however, all opinions posted remain my own and all collaborations have to fit into my overall idea of this blog.

If you feel like working with me, contact me via katrin.huth@gmail.com or find out more over here.

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