• Home-2016-3688
    5 Things

    The First Week of March 2016

    The first week of March was mostly grey and cold. There was even some snow. Work kept me busy during the week and on the weekend we had visitors over from Munich for food,…

    March 6, 2016
  • World Book Day
    On the Shelf

    For the Love of Reading

    Today marks the 19th annual World Book Day and as an avid reader and former literature student, I want to talk a little bit about reading and give you some book recommendations. Since I was a child…

    March 3, 2016
  • Home-2016-3622

    The Lake

    “I will arise and go now, For always night and day I hear lake water lapping With low sounds by the shore; While I stand on the roadway Or on the pavements gray, I…

    February 25, 2016
  • Home-2016-3636-2

    Spring Preview

    Sunday gave us a preview of spring. The sun was out and so was everyone else. Zurich’s public places and the lakeside were crowded with people talking, kissing, holding coffee cups or beer cans, playing…

    February 22, 2016
  • Fondazione Prada


    While in Milan last September I was enchanted by this city of contrasts, by the grandeur of its buildings and by the area around Villa Necchi. The best thing: we will be spending another…

    February 18, 2016
  • Fitzi-3575
    At Home


    Meet Fitzgerald. He likes to play, sleep, eat and cuddle.…

    February 14, 2016
  • Sardinien-3269
    A Thought

    Complex Times

    The world is a complex place. A place that is sometimes so scary, sometimes so beautiful, never fair. It’s so easy to sit here in my warm and cosy home, surrounded by pictures of…

    January 15, 2016
  • archivemag_ausgepackt
    In the Kitchen

    Happy Advent with archiv/e

    The great people of archiv/e magazine asked me to be part of their advent calendar this year and suggest a gift to their readers. I did not want to recommend anything you can easily buy in a…

    December 18, 2015
  • DSC_2906

    Take me back to Tokyo

    Tokyo was too short, but oh so sweet… That’s the last of the Japan posts up here for now, I hope you enjoyed looking back on this trip as much as I did. I…

    November 21, 2015