Recharging on Menorca

I just came back from two and a half days in Paradise. The time spend on the island felt like a week, time squandered lying on the beach, walking the old town of Ciutadella, watching sun-downs and reading two novels from cover to cover. There was ice cream, chilled white wine next to the water and watermelon for breakfast. There was me plunging into the water to cool down and squinting into the sun while its warmth dried me off on the cliffs next to the beach afterwards. The soothing swaying of the waves stayed with me past bedtime and the warmth of the sun on my skin joined in as well. I already miss it.

I was amazed that such perfection and beauty can be found only a 2-hour flight from Berlin and I am glad to know, that it’s still going to be there, so I can go back whenever it is time to recharge. All I need is that little bay with the crystal clear water, a good book, some sun on my skin and a cab fare to the old town to get lost in its labyrinthine alleys in the evenings. So simple.

P.S.: More images, soon!

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