A Saturday Coffee Walk.

Together with Sebastian I went on a little coffee walk, starting with the new The Barn Roastery. No sugar, no soy milk and no laptops that is. Instead perfect coffee – mine tasted of Strawberries and chocolate – and was served by a very nice barista. Additionally we met some friends at the café as well. Definitely no sugar needed to sweeten this experience.


To memorize the day we took some photos in an old photobooth – Sebastian was a bit shy though!


We walked past Standert and decided to have some Ice Pops, that I can highly recommend. They also serve coffee and you can buy bikes and beautiful bike related stuff there, too. A very good combination!


Our last stop was the Coffee Academy by the lovely people of Coffee Circle where we had two flat whites. I enjoyed the smell of freshly roasted coffee and was happy to have made it to this lovely pop up café before they close the day after tomorrow.


We considered to have another coffee at the original The Barn but for the sake of our blood pressure, we passed and headed to buy some magazines at Do you read me!? instead. What a perfect Saturday routine!



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