Apartment Story


Some Saturdays are best spent at home, in this beautiful apartment with this wonderful view. I sit, stare at the green outside the window and wonder what it will look like when the trees across the tracks move from green to yellow and brown. At the market I buy all kinds of vegetables, mostly because of their beautiful colors and shapes. I cook a soup that will last for the next 7 days. I fill some of it into jars and put them into the freezer. The smell of chocolate cake fills the apartment, both as if preparing provisions was a habit that comes to me very naturally at this time of the year. In the afternoon the sun would come out for a few minutes and I lay down on the bed, facing the window and looking at a blanket of clouds drifting across the sky. I can feel the last gasps of summer, the sun is tickling on my skin, but the wind has gotten colder. Autumn is approaching and I silently get up to move the sweaters and scarves back to the front of my wardrobe.



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