Autumn Kitchen #1

Autumn & winter are my favorite times for cooking and baking. Whereas summer is mostly about eating light salads with steak and lots of fruit, these two seasons make me crave steaming hot dishes right from the oven. Luckily they provide us with wonderful kinds of vegetables like pumpkin and root vegetables of all kinds, making up for the lack fresh fruits and salads. I am by no means a food blogger, nor do I aspire to be one*, but spending time in the kitchen preparing beautiful dishes of all kinds, is one of my favorite past times and a way for me to relax. My Instagram account is already well filled with images of my breakfast, lunch and dinners and those of you who follow me there, seem to like these images a lot. So I decided to start sharing some of my favorite dishes and some other stories about food with you here and actually take up where I left off with my old blog that did already contain some recipes from time to time. Additionally this will help to fill this space with some content while it’s going to be grey and cold here in Berlin.


Please excuse me for not sharing the exact recipes with you, I hardly ever cook by the book, nor do I keep track of the amounts of ingredients you should use. I would rather like to inspire you with these images and stories and I am very curious what you make out of this, so please don’t hesitate to share the results of your cooking endeavors with me.


Today I was visiting a place called Oliv in Mitte and while we were actually planning on eating some apple crumble there, I fell in love with a dish of baked or roasted pumpkin with root vegetables they had on their menu and I decided that this had to be my dinner for the day. I picked up some random ingredients at the supermarket and headed home to cook.


It’s simple, some chunks of pumpkin combined with a handful of potatoes, a carrot and a shallot will provide you with a very tasty dish after baking it in the oven until the potatoes are soft and the surfaces of the vegetables turn slightly brownish. I seasoned it with pepper and salt, as well as some rosemary and put lots of organic olive oil over the whole thing before putting it into the oven. So simple and yummi. When I was still eating chicken I would probably have put one or two chicken legs, seasoned with some lemon zest under neat the skin, into the oven with the whole thing, so you may want to try that. I could also imagine some lamb chops alongside this dish to make it a little bit more exciting, for example when having guest over for dinner and also a side salad made of herbs and loose leaf lettuce never hurts a dish like that.



Bon appétit!
* If you are looking for good food blogs, I’d advise you to visit my new roots or Hipsterfood, as well as aicuisine, and the German readers of this blog should head on over to Die moderne Speisekammer written by my dear sister, for recipes and tips on how to limit the amount of food you throw away.

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