Autumn Kitchen #4

Whilst kids dream of spending a night alone in a toy store, I wish I could spend a night of cooking and eating at the grocery department of the Lafayette here in Berlin. All the different kinds of vegetables, cheeses, beverages and the packaging! Oh, the packaging! I secretly wish it was part of my home, my very own pantry always filled to the brim with wonderful food. Only once in a while, I’ll allow myself a little shopping spree at this wonderful place.


Wandering through its tiny vegetable corner I was tempted to buy chestnuts and other autumnal beauties, but then a bunch of beautiful, small and delicate artichokes caught my eye. I just had to buy them, even though I had no clue how to cook these things. But the internet was a good helper. Some friends recommended cooking and eating them with different kinds of sauces, Sebastian forwarded me some pasta recipes, I found another one for baked artichokes and consulting some cook books back home, it was Yvette van Boven offered a wintery salad with artichokes and mushrooms. However I decided to try something on my own and go for some pasta with artichokes and squash, with a nice lemon-thyme & olive oil dressing and some ground pecorino on top of it.


It was very, very tasty and exciting, yet quite simple to prepare. If you want to read up on artichokes and how to cook them, check this article on My New Roots. I will leave you with a few images from the preparation process:




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  1. Ich habe schon ewig keine Artischocken mehr gegessen, war mir eigentlich immer sicher, dass ich sie gar nicht mag. Doch wo ich jetzt die schönen Bilder (und ja, Artischocken sind wirklich sehr hübsch anzusehen) sehe fällt mir auf, dass ich gar nicht mehr recht weiß, wie sie schmecken. Sollte ich diesen Herbst wohl noch einmal probieren. Danke!

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