Leaving home for Christmas.

The past days I read your tweets, I saw your pictures, your check-ins at obscure places around Germany and the world. Everyone was heading home for Christmas. For me, it is the first year that I don’t. Instead, I spent most of Christmas Eve packing and being excited about leaving for Sydney. Luckily I have a second family here in Berlin that invited me into their home for some coffee, cookies and distractions before I schlepped my heavy suitcase down the stairs and took a cab to the airport.

Now here I am at an empty Tegel Airport where everything apart from Burger King is closed and my Christmas dinner is admittedly rather sparse. However, I could not be happier about the place I am at right now. A big journey ahead of me, probably one of the best Christmas presents there could have been. I am excited and I can’t wait to board that plane, sit down and look out the window while leaving the ground, headed on a 24-hour  journey.

Visiting New York was overwhelming, but heading to the other end of the world feels even more so. I can’t wait to say goodbye to winter for a while, feel the sun on my skin and live through the day. Speaking of sun, today I learned that summer dresses can be heavy, I did manage to pack exactly 23 kilos of luggage. Sunscreen included. A lighter, but nevertheless the significant portion of my luggage are the many wishes from friends and family. If all these come true, the time of my life may lie ahead of me. Thanks to all of you! See you on the other side!

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