Sydney Day #2 – Orientation.

Day #2 is for exploring the surroundings. I woke up at 5:30 – after 12 hours of sleep. Standing on the balcony I watched the sun rise over the city while eating fresh mango and peach for breakfast. Slowly I got ready for the day and devised a little plan for the first steps. Looking at the map, I learned that Darling Harbour is in walking distance from my home, so I decided this should be where I am headed first. I passed the fish market and got a bit sad about that fact that I do not really enjoy eating fish and quickly moved on. I picked up a flat white on the way and enjoyed it sitting in the sun at Pyrmont Bay Pier, looking at boats and high rises.

I moved on, crossed Pyrmont Bridge into the centre of the city. A mixture of skyscrapers, office buildings and stores, I was especially taken by the Queen Victoria Building, the exteriors of the State Theatre, the AWA tower, as well as the Monorail cutting through the streets and sometimes even buildings. To me Monorails are the epitome of a 1980s postmodernist belief in progress, a feeling confirmed after learning that it will be closed down by 2013. I will have to go for a ride with it!

Since I did not intend to get lost in the shopping district of Sydney, I walked on towards Hyde Park and entering the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens. I strolled around its paths and lawns, sat under a huge Magnolia tree, enjoyed the view of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge and passed by Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, a recommendation by Maria and an immediate to do on my list for Sydney.

As swimming was not an option due to the lack of a swimsuit, I decided to go back to the gardens and walk towards the Opera House. It is an architectural beauty! However, there were a tad too many people there and I moved on. Coming across Circular Quay Ferry Terminal, I decided to take a boat back to Darling Harbour. I learned that boat rides are one of the best things you can do in Sydney. The views were splendid!

I felt the need for coffee, so I walked over to Surry Hills and found Reuben Hills Coffee Roastery. Here I sat for the duration of two marvellous flat whites, looking out on Albion Way, listening to the bustle of the café, knowing that this won’t be my last visit to this place! Next time I might bring a book and stay even longer. It’s really perfect, especially on hot days I believe, since it is located in an old warehouse of some sorts. Afterwards, I walked through Surrey Hills a little bit more, along Fitzroy Street and came across a beautiful store called Somedays, that is certainly worth a visit!

Eventually, I walked back to Central Station where I took the tram back home, tired and looking forward to a relaxed dinner at the apartment. To make the day even more perfect, there was the view of the full moon over the city, when I stepped onto the balcony. Thank you for a beautiful day, Sydney!

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    1. Berlin and Sydney’s coffee culture somehow do seem related! By the way, there is going to be a whole chapter only on coffee, or maybe even two.

  1. sounds great! i love somedays as well. not sure if i or anyone else has already mentioned, but you might like to have a look at for good places to eat, drink, shop and explore. (i write for the adelaide version!)

    enjoy the sun x

  2. this sounds like a perfect day to me!! I love exploring new cities on foot and just do what it feels right at that particular moment=)
    Swimming pools in Sydney must be amazing, looking at your photos and from other blogs.

  3. it’s really nice to see sydney from your point of view as fresh eyes and it makes me think of sydney somewhat a little different!

    i saw maria took you to bronte already? if you like walking, go back to the eastern suburb beaches and go for a coastal walk from coogee to bondi (or bondi to coogee). if you manage to wake up early you should go during sunrise, i heard it’s really beautiful during sunrise, i haven’t done the walk early in the morning either as i live quite far away in the west!

    hope you’re enjoying your stay in sydney so far!

  4. Das ist ungefähr die Tour, die ich damals in Sydney gemacht habe. Manches davon, wie zum Beispiel das Queen Victoria Building, hat erst Dein Post hier wieder in Erinnerung gebracht. Schön. Ich wünsche Dir noch eine unvergleichlich tolle Zeit.

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