Sydney Day #3 – Manly.

December 28th, 2012.


Either it is the summer, the zest for action or remains of a thing called jetlag, that wakes me up early in the mornings. Maybe a collection of all of these things, plus the sounds of the birds outside my window. I woke up at 4 a.m. and enjoyed a slow morning in the sun with avocado, yoghurt, fresh mango and peach. Whilst eating I spotted a beautiful bird on my balcony – called a Rainbow Lorikeet.


The weather forecast for the day said it was going to be warm, so I prepared myself for a trip out to Manly to see the beach and go swimming. A Flat White in hand, I took the ferry from Circular Quay. Despite the crowds at the wharf, I was able to get a perfect seat out front. What a beautiful boat trip it was! Boats really are the best public transport a city can have!
Arriving at Manly I walked towards the beach with many others. Especially at the beginning of the beach it was quite crowded, so I started walking along the water to the northern end, where I would find less people and sat down to do some reading and eventually go for a little refreshment in those beautiful waves. Unfortunately very strong winds sprung up and I went looking for a more sheltered place to hang out. I ended up walking right to Shelly Beach, a beautiful, smaller beach looking out on Manly Beach. I sat, read and eventually went swimming there.

As swimming always makes me very hungry, I looked for a nice place for a late lunch/ early dinner. I found one called Hemingway’s where I had some wonderful brussel sprouts with bacon, feta and black currants. Satisfied from the good food and the feeling of sand, sun and salt water on my skin, I took the ferry back to the city, ready to prepare for drinks in the evening.


The evening took me to Queenie’s where I would meet lovely Maria and Will. We had some drinks and fried sweet potatoes before we moved on through the streets of Surrey Hills, Darlinghurst and Potts Point. There were a few places we wanted to go to, but some of them were closed due to Christmas and New Years, while others were very crowded. I enjoyed the walk very much though as it lead us by a diversity of streets and places I will have to put on my Sydney To Dos! We eventually ended up at a nice enough place called Ms. G’s for more drinks and conversations. What a nice way to complete yet another beautiful day!
Oh! I did take pictures during the boat ride and at the beach, but they are on a roll of film inside my camera! So this meagre selection of iPhone photos has to suffice for now…

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