Sydney Day #4 – Meandering.

December 29th, 2012.

Sydney is a city for walking. I already realised that in the past days. You can walk virtually everywhere and often it is more convenient to walk than taking a train – Sydney public transport is not the best and I yet have to figure out all the bus lines. So on day #4 I walked. I started out towards Glebe Point Road, which is not far from the place I call my Sydney home. There I strolled over Glebe Markets, offering products ranging from bric-a-brac to self-made goods, as well as some good looking food.

Next to the market I found a beautiful place selling 2nd hand furniture, books and tableware, called The Works. Let me put it like this: there was more than one mid-century piece I would love to call my own. However, being aware of the implications of flying with a new dresser, a settee and a complete dinnerware, I quickly left the place and moved on to more culinary endeavours at Well Connected Café, where I treated myself to a flat white and a raspberry & mango frappé. The latter was great, the coffee was decent but I definitely had better ones here in Sydney. I sat at the café, my attention alternating between the magazine I brought and the people passing by on Glebe Point Road.

Eventually, it was time to move on. I walked through Victoria Park, past the buildings of Sydney University and ended up on Wilson Street that runs parallel to the railway tracks. There is an area that has been transformed from railway maintenance buildings into a contemporary arts venue called Carriageworks. Unfortunately, it was closed, but through the window, I could get a sneak preview of the “Waste Not” installation by Song Dong which will open on the 5th of January. There is also supposed to be a weekly market in the area called Eveleigh Market, so I believe I will have to go back there again!

I moved on towards Redfern which lies across the railway tracks. There I stumbled into a place called Milkbar by Café Ish that looked very promising. It was perfect for a lunch break. I ordered and enjoyed bacon cheeseburger and some ginger beer. The home-made burger buns were pure perfection and the selection of cake they offered looked amazing as well. I rounded up my lunch break with a decent long black.

I got a little bit lost somewhere between Redfern and Alexandria on my way to Newton, eventually reaching a train station and moving into the city again. I longed for some indoors activity so I ended up at the National Gallery, cooling down and looking at some art. The permanent exhibition is for free, so it’s perfect for a little bit of relaxation, art and people watching.

However, I still had Newtown on my plan for the day and I did not mind the fact that it actually meant going back to where I came from before visiting the gallery. So I took a train to Newton and strolled up and down Kings Street, visiting a few shops and admiring the facades of the buildings there. I found a very nice magazine store called Mag Nation and a good clothing store called Maple.

When my feet started to complain about all the walking they had to do during the day, I gave in and took a bus home where I enjoyed a calm evening. There was a greyhound race going on at the racing tracks in the park next door and it was fun listening to the excited screaming of the visitors. Around 9 pm I also became the witness of some fireworks over the city skyline.

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  1. Somehow I was never THAT interested in visiting Australia. But after discovering it through yours and Marias blogs, i thin I will put it into my priority list of countries to visit=)

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