Sydney Day #5 – Indulgence.

December 30th, 2012.


Sundays are lazy days. After waking up very early again, I forced myself to sleep a little bit more and succeeded in leaving the house only after noon. I headed out to buy some food, ending up getting some lovely sourdough bread – they sure know how to do this here in Sydney and it inspired me to try baking my own bread when I am back in Berlin. I bought the bread at a small place located at the Fish Market, but I hear the bread at Sonoma, who do have shop just around the corner from home, is even better – and the ones you get at Iggy’s in Bronte are supposedly unbeatable!


Anyhow, after dropping off the bread – and eating about 6 slices on the 10 minute way back home – I took the bus to Surrey Hills, headed to Reuben Hills again, where I had a most delicious Kenya Kiangai AA coffee as a cold pour-over, some caramel pastry called Milhoja and later the obligatory flat white. I sat and read for about two hours, before I headed along Crown and Bourke Street, passing by beautiful shops and falling in love with some delicate porcelain milk bottles on display in a window at Object Gallery – fortunately the shop was closed, otherwise I would have had to buy them, and just imagine all the things that can happen to porcelain during a 24 hour trip by plane.



I walked on towards Oxford Street, roughly following the route we had taken Friday night. It was nice seeing everything in day time. When entering Burton Street, I suddenly faced an open air dance floor with about three elderly couples dancing to Italian music. What a delightful moment! It reminded me of scenes of Roman Holiday or La Dolce Vita – albeit with older, less glamorous protagonists. Come to thing of it, it could also have been a scene in a more recent Woody Allen movie.



Eventually ending up at Kings Cross – which is not the most enjoyable place in Sydney, so I took a train and a tram back towards Darling Harbor, getting off at Pyrmont Bay to take a stroll along the wharf, buy some fresh fuit and vegetables for dinner and then head back home. Looking back at it, maybe this Sunday was not that lazy after all, but very enjoyable!


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