Intermission – Honey I’m Home.


It was hard to leave, but after a long flight back from Sydney I arrived safely in a wintery Berlin. Back to winter, work and reality. But also back to my friends, my bed and this wonderful apartment. I stopped the diary at day #16 because I turned out quite busy with discovering, taking trains and busses to beautiful places, enjoying the sun and experiencing the hottest day in Sydney.


As I did keep a very detailled hand written journal throughout the journey and took heaps of pictures, I will keep on posting the diary entries of the last days in Sydney within the next weeks. So we all have something to look forward to. I hope I will be able to write down these beautiful memories without too much melancholy and longing. Seriously, I do miss Sydney and summer a lot. These four weeks were probably some of the best I had in my life.


The trip was also very inspiring, so I do have plenty of plans for this blog as soon as the diary is finished. I hope I will find the time to turn these into reality. I am glad you are coming here to read this!

— K.



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  1. Willkommen zurück. Schön, dass Du nicht allein die negativen Aspekte am Wegsein von Sydney, sondern auch die schönen am Wieder-hier-sein nennst. Ohne die fühlen sich die Hiergebliebenen ja zurückgesetzt.

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