Sydney Day #11 – Circulate.

January 5th, 2013.

Actually I intended to go to the beach on this beautiful sunny Saturday. However after having packed the towel and the swimsuit, I would exit the apartment and see the bluest of skies and the whole city below the apartment building being immersed in the most beautiful light. Above my head an airplane was drawing a perfect circle into the sky and I realized that this was not a beach, but a photography day. I turned back, unpacked the beach kit and packed the camera instead.


I started out my little Saturday explorations at Sonoma Bakery, where I had a great tasting Flat White and sat for a while, writing into my diary and watching the people coming into the little bakery shop, buying bread or coffee. An old lady was chatting away with one of the waiters, her Australian accent so broad I had a hard time understanding what she was talking about, but in my imagination it was stories about the neighbourhood while she was growing up. When the coffee was finished, I visited the little thrift shop next door, called Vinnie’s – which is a chain of thrift stores all over the city, comparable to Oxfam or Humana. I found some really nice, old earrings that you would close with a little screw mechanism. I have no idea yet, with what piece of clothing I shall wear them, but they were just plain pretty. Additionally I bought a little 1950s coaster for just $1, reminding me of the illustrations in those old children’s books I would read when I was little. How could I resist?!


Onwards I went, crossing Glebe Point Road and walking down St. Johns Rd. taking the occasional detour into little side streets, taking some pictures and ending up at Parramatta Rd. where I took the bus to Central Station and walked on towards Surry Hills.


In Surry Hills I eventually reached Surry Hills Markets located on the corner of Collins and Crown Street. This little fleamarket is held on every Saturday of the month and as it turned out I was really lucky to catch it. It is rather small, yet offering a great selection of things and it was really not very crowded, so I could take my time browsing through the different booths. I found some beautiful Danish vintage candlesticks and a great striped 80s summer dress that fit just perfectly. After tucking all these great souvenirs into my backpack I walked on down Crown Street, realizing that I was very hungry. I ended up at Grill’d Burgers – a fast food chain specializing on healthy burgers. I ate a very decent lamb burger to recuperate.

All I needed now was another coffee and I’d be happy, so I strolled down Oxford Street towards Berkelow Books, which I had already visited a few days before. Here I sat down at a table facing the street and enjoyed a nice Long Black and read a few pages in the book I am currently reading, at the same time pondering a little magazine or book to hold all my Sydney memories, feeling the thought really grow on me.



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