Sydney Day #12 – Shores.

January 6th, 2013.

Finally, a Sunday at the beach – or should I rather say at the pool. I took the bus to Coogee and escaped the crowded beach by heading over to Wylie’s Baths hidden away in a park at the south end of the beach. For a payable entrance fee you will get a day at a beautiful old bath with a tidal pool from 1907. It’s a beautiful place reminiscent of the 1930s or 40s. The entrance, washrooms, chairs and tables for eating, sitting and reading, as well as a massage station, can be found upstairs on the elevated old wooden platform, whereas the pool is located below with additional room for lounging around, the platform allowing for some welcome shade. So I got myself a Flat White and found a nice place in the shade downstairs before jumping into the pool. I enjoyed myself very much in the water and out – reading and waiting for the flood that would exchange the water in the pool.

After another swim in the fresh water, I felt the need to move on and took a walk in the warm evening sun over to Maroubra Beach. The South Coogee Cliff Walk is the less touristic continuation of the Eastern Beaches Costal Walk from Coogee to Bondi that I had done a few days ago and at some points this was even more stunning.

Especially when, after a few minutes of walking, I would reach a set of stairs leading down from the path to a plattform of tiny rock pools and a beautiful bigger rock pool called Ivo Rowe Pool. It is tiny but the setting is so beautiful and there were hardly any people. The waves were crashing onto the rocks, supplying the pool with fresh water. The backdrop to this marvelous place some of the the most jaw-dropping stone formations and the endless ocean. I believe it was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Oh, I will have to go back! I had brought my analogue camera for the day and managed to shoot almost whole film! I am already so curious about the pictures!

After a while I was able to break away from this place and walked on. The next part of the walk is not so great, as it will lead you mostly through neighborhood streets, until you reach Lurline Bay where you are in for some serious rock climbing – not so good to do wearing a dress and sandals, but I managed. Again, stunning views and beautiful little rock pools filled with sea shells and snails. However a bit smelly and not as tidied up as the bays between Coogee and Bondi, but the climbing and the views will keep you occupied and distracted!

Eventually I reached Mahon Rock Pool, which was very crowded with many people trying to catch a swim in the last evening sun. I was just getting very tired and hungry by then, so I kept on walking, took a peak at Maroubra Beach – which looks pretty decent, before taking a bus back home for a well deserved dinner and sleep. A picture book Sunday!

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