Sydney Day #13 – Plans & Sunrooms.

January 7th, 2013.

Aware of the fact that I had reach half-time here in Sydney, the morning of day #13 consisted of making plans and little lists of things to do until I leave, as well as reminiscing on how much I actually already had seen of this beautiful city. There is definitely another visit to Bronte, Coogee and Ive Rowe Pool, as well as a trip to the Museum of Contemporary Art, a trip to the Koala Sanctuary up north, hiking in the Blue Mountains and a visit to the Everglade Gardens, plus a tour of the North Beaches on this list. All very doable within 13 more days I guess. Along with the list went another wonderful and delicious breakfeast consisting of summer fruit and avocado! Yum!


What does not have to be written down on the list: Flat Whites! So I went to Sonoma Bakery around the corner – you know the drill. Alongside the coffee I ordered the best pastry I have ever eaten. It’s called Down Towner and is basically a cinnamon-orange roll. Sorry Sweden, but these beat Kanelbulle by far. I will have to eat many more before I leave and try to reconstruct them back home!


After this culinary highlight, I headed to Potts Point and made a little tour of the area. It’s a nice little part of Sydney sporting some of its most beautiful Art Deco buildings. There is the Metro Cinema on Orwell Street, a beauty in Steamline Moderne and the Minerva building next door – both really hard to photograph with a 50mm lens – and many apartment buildings I’d immediately move into.

What I love the most are the little details on the buildings, as well as the sunrooms many of the apartment buildings have attached to them.

Unfortunately I felt slightly under the weather so it was just a short stroll and I headed back home soon, for a lazy evening with some cooking, reading and preparing myself for a 43°C day that was announced for the next day. Uff!


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