Sydney Day #14 – Heat.

January 8th, 2013.

Day #14 will be my hottest day of the year 2013 and I am glad it is over. I love the fact that it is summer here in Sydney and I am greatful that I missing out on a big portion of the grim Berlin winter, while I am here, however 43°C are no fun! Also, my body is definitely not build for this!


The day started out nice enough. After a Mango breakfast and attaching thrice the amount of the regular daily sunscreen portion, I visited Maria at her workplace and we had lunch and conversations there.It was lovely and the air conditioning was very welcome! My plan for the day apart from lunch was a visit to the Museum of Contemporary Art to visit the Anish Kapoor exhibition – again counting very much on the fact that there is going to be air conditioning to keep my body alive. What I had not counted on was the way TO the museum. The sun was burning from the sky and even on the boat the hot wind was consistently blowing at you like fresh from a warm blow dryer…

Well, somehow I did make it to the museum and the exhibition was great. I had fun exploring the art work, as well as observe people interacting with it. It’s interesting to see how different kinds of people react to huge warped and distorted mirrors.

Yet, I felt how my body was starting to get to its limits so I quickly took a bus home, stayed in front of the fan inside the apartment and eventually fell asleep. Luckily the night would bring colder winds and cool down the city, so the outlook for the next day was more enjoyable.


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  1. congrats you survived the heat wave! yes that was horrible, sorry you’ve had to experience that during your stay! ps i think you’ll like white rabbit gallery – photography allowed there too so you can take photos as much as you like, and don’t forget to stop by at their cafe for some tea and dumplings.

  2. I love these photos of yours. I wish I had more time there when I went to visit… Those were in the days when I was a flight attendant. Always did turn arounds so didn’t get enough time to explore. BTW: I love your name.

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