Sydney Day #15 – Colours.

January 9th, 2013.

I still felt a bit drowsy from the heat on the day before. However the night had brought cold winds and the heat was exchanged with air that was about 20°C cooler than the day before. What a relief. This did call for a day of explorations. To wake up properly I had the almost obligatory coffee at Sonoma, before taking the bus down to Newtown, where I would stroll down Enamore Street and up Kings Street and their side streets. At a certain point during my walk, I realized that most of the pictures I had taken were following the theme of colours – funny how sometimes a certain focus creeps into a day.

Around lunch time I walked past Café Luxe and had a coffee and a sandwich there, before heading onwards to Carriageworks to see the “Waste Not” exhibition by Song Dong. It was stunning and heartbreaking at the same time. He started the project to help his mother over her grief after his father’s death. To keep her occupied be involving her in this collaborative installation of all the things she collected throughout her life. I spent quite a while looking at all these basic commodities laid out neatly in this spacious industrial hall that told the story of a lifetime.

I then walked on along Wilson Street towards Redfern and eventually Surry Hills – a route similar to the one I had already taken on Day #4. Yet, it is interesting to walk a path more than once, because it makes you aware of different things, slight changes in its topography as well as your own perspective. You might discover a new piece of street art here or another angle on a building there. Eventually, it will lead you on a new route. So, after a while, I ended up on Bourke Street, where I passed by St. Jude, recommended to me by Maria but just about to close for the day, and a long queue outside Bourke Street Bakery – that makes two cafés I still have to visit while I am in Sydney.

When reaching Crown Street I sat down in Shannon Reserve for a while, drinking some lemonade, planning the next day and thinking about the prospect of going home. I was also getting a little bit homesick for my apartment and friends, wishing I could just transfer them to Sydney for the rest of the grey German winter. Since that is not possible, I will just try to treasure the good mood and the inspirations I have collected while being here and take them back to Berlin with me.


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