Sydney Day #6 – Nostalgia & The New Year.

December 31st, 2012.

On the last day of 2012, after having breakfast on the balcony, I started on a walk through the neighbourhood. This time I headed north towards Blackwattle Bay Park and Bicentennial Park up at Glebe Point. I took my time discovering small side streets and came across some beautiful secluded little spots along the way.

Once I reached Blackwattle Bay, I moved on along the waterfront. It is a beautiful walk with great views of Anzac Bridge – something you will love when you like concrete buildings – and occasional spottings of Harbour Bridge in the distance. The latter being the reason for a variety of people already camping out on the greens, completely equipped with chairs, cooling bags and picnic, waiting for the big night.

I came across a beautiful victorian house for sale right on the waterfront, elevated on a steep hill. The notice board talked about original tapestry and wooden floors and looking up, hardly being able to see the house since it was hidden behind a dense line of scrubs and palm trees, I fell in love. How beautiful would it be to own such a place right there?

Suddenly I was hit with bouts of nostalgia, seeing myself lounging on the house’s front porch in a 30s summer dress, watching the boats down in the bay. Oh, this happens easily when you are walking through Sydney. There is a vast amount of buildings hailing from the turn of the last century, still carrying the regalia of Victorianism, as well as the most beautiful, detailed Art Deco and Jugendstil houses, hidden like gems between newer architectural endeavours. As I walked on, this nostalgia was fostered even more and I decided that it shall accompany through the day, knowing that by tonight I would be spending New Year’s Eve at Maria and Will’s beautiful art deco apartment.

By now I had left the waterfront and was walking down Glebe Point Road, with all its tiny shops. Suddenly I came across the most Art Deco beautiful building that once housed the Astor Cinema, opened in 1937. Sadly it has been turned into office and retail spaces by now. Wouldn’t it be great to go and see an old black and white movie there with a dashing fella in a suit after we had spent the day at one of the sea baths? Eventually, I stopped fantasising, grabbed my nostalgia by its hand and we walked on down Glebe Point Road towards home, having a good raspberry frappé at Badde Manors on the way.

The day was followed by a beautiful, summery New Years Eve with Maria, Will and some of their friends. We sat in the kitchen and talked, while the food was being prepared and moved on to the living room later. We had the most wonderful Pasta à Vongole as entrée and as a main cod with vegetables, fresh fennel in dill, salad and potatoes, followed by some great lemon polenta cake as dessert. Wow – I shall add, that I was never a big fan of seafood, but certainly, this was amazing!

For midnight we quickly managed to find a beautiful and not too crowded spot from which we would be able to see the fireworks on Harbour Bridge. I was amazed at the fact that this was me, standing there in a dress and sandals with one of the best views in the world welcoming the new year – I was just entirely grateful.

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  1. I just find it delighting to read about your experiences abroad, so: thank you! Escaping the winter here like that… must be nice would be an understatement, I guess. :)

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