Sydney Day #7 – We Should Swim.

January 1st, 2013.

I woke up on new years day exactly at the moment when it was midnight in Germany. There was breakfast with freshly squeezed juice – note to self: get a juicer! – and good coffee. After we were headed to a New Years Day swim at Bronte Beach. We were definitely not the only ones since it was a hot, summers day. We jumped into the cold, refreshing ocean waves and would let the sun warm our skins after we went back out. Since it’s not very recommendable to bake yourself in the sun, we left after a short while and took the car to Edgecliff, where you can find a beautiful harborside pool called Murray Rose or Redleaf Pool. Really warm from the car ride and the ensuing search for a parking space, we quickly went into the water by jumping off the jetty and later one of the floats anchored in the middle of the pool. It’s amazing how all these beaches and pools are just there and mainly for free. How I will miss this when I am back in Berlin!

After swimming went back to Potts Point and I took a train back home, where I would go for a relaxed walk following the water front to Darling Harbour. On the way I would buy some groceries for the next two days and have a very calm and relaxing evening at home, still enjoying the feel of salt water, sand and sun on my skin.

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