Sydney Day #9 – Beach House.

January 3rd, 2013.

Oh what a lazy morning. It was warm outside and I made the plan to go swimming in one of Sydney’s beautiful pools, but as it sometimes goes with a plan, it was discarded when I visited the city to run a few errands. I got sidetracked by its shops, arcades and malls. Especially by The Strand, a beautiful shopping arcade built in 1891. I strolled around the place for a while and saw some beautiful shops with beautiful things. I also took some photos, but unfortunately the place was very crowded, making this rather hard.

The city got crowded an I eventually took a ferry over to Luna Park, where you will get the best views on Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. The entry to the amusement park that was opened in 1935, is free and you will only have to pay if you want to go for a ride. If you enjoy old amusement parks and the rather shop-soiled, yet nostalgic atmosphere they emanate, it is definitely worth a visit. The funniest ride was the Rotor, which is basically just a big black cylindrical room that will start spinning at 60km/h and throw people back to the wall in the funniest positions. I did not ride with it – I am too much of a coward to do something like that – but you can enter the ride to watch as a spectator.

Between Luna Park and one of the humongous pylons of Harbour Bridge you will find the North Sydney Olympic Pool. It’s location means that swimming there will give you probably one of the best views you can have from a pool – however it seems as if most of Sydneys swimming pools do come with a splendid view. I wish they would spare one or two of these and send them over to Berlin for summer. The Sydney-Berlin Pool and Beach Exchange Programme!

Looking at my watch I realized that it was time to quickly go home, drop of my things and get ready for the Beach House gig that was happening that night and for which I got a ticket through one of Maria’s friends. Off I went, power walking from Darling Harbour and back to meet Maria. Before the concert we had a fantastic Japanese Dinner at Ippudo, a place so popular that you will have to stand in line to get seated and served. But the soups they offered were definitely worth the wait. Delicious.


On we went to Newtown and the Enmore Theatre, another beautiful art deco building the city has to offer. I was getting really excited because the building looked so nice and I had fallen in love with Beach House’s latest album Bloom while flying in loops above the Persian Golf waiting to be able to land in Abu Dhabi on my journey here. the sky and the sea were pitch black but for some tiny lights on the water and stars in the sky. While we were flying in loops for about an half an hour, the morning light would slowly start to appear on the horizon and the view from my window would alternate between day and night while we were still flying in circles. The music fit perfectly and during the concert I felt thrown back to this beautiful moment. It was just perfection. The songs, the light show they put on that also included darkness and a very scarce but thought through usage of light in the most beautiful colour schemes.

Walking home from Central I was enjoying the fact that I was just wearing shorts, a shirt and sandals in the middle of the night. The thought of Berlin winter already feels so far away…


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