Sydney Day #19 – Food & Furniture.

January 13th, 2013.

I will skip day #18 in the diary – since it was not very eventful, I mainly relaxed from the lengthy beach trip the day before and did not really take any pictures that day. It included coffee, a short trip to the beach and a concert by a bunch of Australian indie bands, plus watching the finale of The Artist in a park at Darling Harbour, as well as flying foxes outside my balcony. After a good nights sleep I kicked off day #19 with a good breakfast at home. As it was slightly overcast I assigned the program for the day to epicurious endeavors and furniture related explorations in Alexandria.

After a short stroll down Glebe Point Road I took the bus to Alexandria, where you can find a place called Koskela, a beautiful store for beautiful things. Adjacent to that store there is Kitchen by Mike, a cantine style restaurant with amazing food and great coffee. I was immediately tempted to buy about everything from Koskela or even better just move into the store, being able to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at Kitchen by Mike every day… well instead I settled for collecting inspiration and having some delicious quiche with goats cheese and spinach and salad with fennel, rocket, nectarine & bacon. Yum!

It is funny how during this trip I suddenly start liking new kinds of food. I never had a thing for fennel, now I am starting to love it and I even started eating fish. Maybe travelling to some place new just makes you more open minded when it comes to these things. However I am glad about these new discovered tastes and looking forward to cooking many Sydney inspired dishes back home. At Kitchen by Mike they also had a very delicious looking melon, mint & cucumber salad that reminded me of a summer dinner back in Berlin and which I will have to prepare again as soon as decent melons are back to the stores in Germany!

After lunch and coffee, I walked up Botany Road towards Redfern, discovering many antiques and second hand furniture stores along the road. Again I found many, many beautiful things I could not buy because they won’t be too handy on an airplane. The next night, I even had a dream about having to take home a mid-century chest of drawers on the airplane, after waking up I was relieved to find out I had actually not bought a bulky piece of furniture. Phew! Instead I took a few pictures, before it started raining and I headed home:

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