Sydney Day #21 – Reflection.

January 15th, 2013.

The day in the mountains was followed by slow day in the city. I had started reading short stories by Katherine Mansfield on the train home from the Blue Mountains and immediately had to go on after waking up in the morning. So beautiful were the pictures the author paints in her short stories. The most catching story was called At The Bay, describing a day by the seaside, filled with so many details I could see clearly in front of my eyes, like photographs I wish I had taken:

Seeking for a park and some old buildings that would transport me back to the 1920s and 1930, I went to Potts Point, more specifically Elizabeth Bay, where I visited a nice cafĂ© by the shore called Bird and Bear Boathouse and later enjoyed a half shady spot in the park, reading, watching and just doing nothing at all. I filled the diary with quite a few pages that day, ideas and thoughts running through my head… Oh, I could have stayed in this spot and moment forever.

As I was in a bookish mood, I decided to seek Sydney’s biggest library – State Library. I looked at a ballet exhibition that was held there and enjoyed exploring the architecture of the building. I could not help but think back to my university days with a certain fondness, remembering how my main occupation was reading and I was actually required to spend time in beautiful libraries among rows of books. Suddenly I was really grateful about the education I was able to enjoy, but also about the fact that I was standing there, in a library, in the middle of Sydney, on the other side of the planet, collecting all these memories and reflections, just like that.

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