On Moving. On Settling in. On Zurich.

I did not mention this here yet, but recently I packed up the Berlin apartment, said goodbye to people I will dearly miss and loaded my belongings into a truck. While it was driven across Germany and over the Swiss border, I took a flight towards the Alps. So for almost a month now I have been enjoying living a short bus ride away from a very special someone, taking walks to and back from work, or to the lake, blue Zurich skies, mountain views and my new, cosy apartment in a 1930s building.

The city is tiny compared to Berlin, but the lake in the middle gives it some vastness, the languages spoken on the tram or the bus are diverse and there are so many streets and areas I have yet to discover, not to mention the amazing countryside surrounding this place, that it does not yet feel small to me. On the contrary, I am enjoying the short distances after three years in Berlin. I take a tram, a bus or walk a few minutes and I am right in the heart of the city or in the middle of nature – I appreciate that.

I already took the camera for some outings and I just finished scanning the first two rolls of films, a third one almost full, holding more stories I have to tell. There are also more pictures from the Côte d’Azur, but I will hold these back for a little while now, with the plan to show them to you on cold winter days, so we can all dream a little bit about summer and the ocean then. For now, I say: Welcome to Zurich.

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  1. Glad you are happy in Zurich but I can’t understand how someone can leave Berlin…maybe because I like that city and I wish I could move there but I can’t understand how someone can leave it. Enjoy Zurich, anyway! :)

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