100 Day Project

Last year in April, I attempted to take part in the 100 Day Project by The Great Discontent. The whole thing sounded simple, all you had to do was to chose a medium (pen and paper), find a topic (something from my day) and keep at it for 100 Days (everyday). However to me it was quite a challenge as I am not very good at building and keeping routines.

67 Days of Drawing

At first I was more or less successful, even though my drawings looked more like childish doodles, at least I managed to hang onto the plan. Admittedly, sometimes I did some binge drawing whenever I let the project slip for a few days.

The hardest thing, apart from keeping up, was to find something to draw everyday. Especially on busy work days I did not really come up with any great subjects and ended up drawing my schedule or cups of coffee. So I was thrilled that our journey to Japan would fall into those 100 days! Three weeks of adventures, so many great things I would be able to draw and lots of time for drawing during long train rides. I did not consider the following:

#1 – Time to sit down and draw is scarce when travelling

#2 – Drawing on a bullet train is impossible

33 Days of Failing

Eventually I let the project slip after day #67, somewhere in Kyoto. Arriving back home I had lost motivation to take it up again. So I failed at my 100 Day Project. I did not manage to build up a drawing routine. Yet, even though I did not make the full 100 Days, the project was a great experience. I increased my skills, I became more brave in the things I attempted to draw, while at the same time i became less perfectionistic. Also I filled one and a half sketchbooks with little drawings, here are 5 of them:









Months later I am still to make drawing a part of my everyday life. One way to do this is to make drawings and illustrations a recurring part of this blog. Furthermore I started an infinite list of things and items to draw… not necessarily every day, but continuously.

Header image by Elle Luna.


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