Berlin My Heart

It’s been almost three years since I packed up my flat in Berlin and moved to Zurich. Sometimes people still ask me how I was able to adapt to the change from the big pulsating city to calm Zurich. There is a short and a long answer to this question. On the one hand, it was very easy to feel at home in Zurich, not only because D. lives here. Zurich is a beautiful city, relatively small compared to Berlin, yet it still feels bigger than it actually is. Then there is the lake, a large selection of good restaurants and bars, plus I really enjoy the fact that everything is so close. I also quickly found friends over here. The quality of life in Zurich is great and I would not want to live anywhere else at the moment (well, Tokyo maybe).

As much as I enjoy living in Zurich, it’s always great to come back to Berlin. So on a Friday evening in July I took a plane to Tegel and spend a weekend in my old hometown. I went to a party and for a trip to Brandenburg, I had cold brew in Kreuzberg, took a walk through Mitte and had a great Japanese lunch at Smart Deli. But most importantly I hung around with friends who I missed dearly and I was reminded that Berlin is still my second home. Thank you, Lisa, Nina, Carmi, Caro and Kati – ♥.

Arriving in Berlin by Plane

Sandy Beaches at Gorinsee

James Biergarten in Brandeburg

Lying in the grass

Cucumber-Lemon Paletas

Kreuzberg Living

Cold Brew at Chapter One

Do You Read Me!?

Cold Soba at Smart Deli

Coffee with Frau Grau at Nano

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