Corners of Our Home

Back in spring, IKEA Switzerland visited us at our apartment for a little interview and photoshoot. I thought it’s time to repost some of the pictures and tell you a bit about our home:

We moved into this place back in July 2014 and I still very much love living here. The whole building had been freshly renovated before we moved in and in the course of the renovations, a new part was added to the original apartment to make it bigger. The bedroom, a guest room, a little office / dressing room, as well as the bathrooms and the kitchen are located in the original part with old wooden floors, the original doors and windows. The new part is our living room that has a beautiful concrete wall and a set of steps connecting it to the open kitchen, as well as large windows and a door onto our balcony / terrace. I love the contrast of the old with the new and the attention to detail the architect put into the design of this place.


We still have some furniture upgrades planned but in the pictures, you can see some of my favourite pieces, like the bureau in the picture above. The paintings you see on the walls in the next two photos are by my dear friend Carmi. On the second to last photo, you can spot a print of one of Torben Giehler‘s Matterhorn paintings, as well as the little DIY cat scratcher we built for Fitzi. And on the last picture, you can see a special appearance of the Fitz leaving the little IKEA cupboard that hides his litter box.





Find the whole story and interview on the IKEA Switzerland blog.

All pictures were taken by Pascal Grob.

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