The Falling Leaves of Red and Gold

Red, gold, faded greens and lots of yellow – the end autumn brings out the most beautiful colours. What a grand finale before we enter that monochromatic season called winter. Autumn and winter are also the seasons when music becomes really important to me. I might have mentioned this before, but there are a lot of songs and artists I can not really listen to in spring and summer. So, autumn is my season of musical rediscovery. I compiled some of those autumn tunes into a playlist that you can find below and on Spotify.

Those songs have accompanied me through several autumns and are closely connected to the smell of decaying leaves, scarves, open coats and long autumn walks: Azure Ray walked with me over fallen leaves on the streets of Leipzig, Seabear stood with me on the bridge over the Spree facing the Eastern winds in Berlin and these days Conor Oberst rejoins me on my walks through an autumnal Zurich. The others have always been there in one way or the other, over cups of tea, on my way to uni, on the subway or just sitting on the sofa in one of those apartments I have lived in.






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